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Murphy is home, and seems to be on the road to being his usual loud, lovable self.

More about the last 12+ hours, complaints, and being a cat owner )
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Had two updates on Murphy today. This morning the vet called and told me he was doing well, about to eat, and that he is a very sweet cat. He has a much better temperament than most cats that come in with this condition.

Then I got the second phone call.

Murphy, my sweet tricksy little man, decided that he wanted to pee by himself, so somehow with in his little kennel area, he managed to get off his e-collar and remove his own catheter. And then he used the litter box.

The nurse was laughing when she told me this, and I told her it sounded just like something he would do.

I take this as a good sign. He's so precious to me, I'm so very glad he demanded my attention that day back in 2003. Hopefully my boy will be home tomorrow and I can pamper him some while he goes back to feeling normal.
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After I wrote my last post I sat down to do some research on cats and crystals in their urine. I learned a good deal more than I did when I had it happen to another male cat some years ago. I found a couple of sites with a good description of the different procedures they could/would do to a cat in this condition.

The vet called me later to tell me that Murphy is doing okay and that I should be able to pick him up on Wednesday morning. The short of it is they put a catheter in him and flushed him out. He was blocked up pretty good, but they didn't have to cut him, which is better for both him and I. He'll need the special ph diet regimen for a bit and pills. She said that this might come back, but if we keep on top of it, it probably won't. She told me to get another litter box and try to get as much water into him as possible. Of course he's the cat that won't drink water, which means this is just going to up my tuna consumption (oh the horror).

While I know these things happen, of course I find the site that gives me the worst case scenario. No one wants to think about their cat's kidneys being damaged or failing. And the fact that almost every site I went to said that Murphy was at the extreme emergency point didn't really help.

I'm glad that when these things come up I don't even think about freaking out. I just check the bank account and call the vet to make an appointment, thinking, there will be time to freak out later. Which I nearly did in the vets while waiting for the newer, bigger estimate after the x-ray.

I also have to say once again, I am so thankful for my great-aunt and Mother saving the day. I'm sure that were other ways that we could do it, but to have them agree so quickly and get the ball moving so fast made my life that much easier. I will pay back every penny they are letting me borrow (not sure of the exact amount, but I know that they are sending enough that if something else should happen it can be covered).

Also, as an after thought, they actually now make you initial whether or not to resuscitate your animal. I was a touched surprised at that. I mean, I'm used to discussing such things with humans, but never thought about it on an animal. I think honestly it would depend on the situation whether or not I would resuscitate. It's really an interesting question to think about. How much of an issue would it be resuscitate animal, in comparison to a human? I wonder if it would be worth the money/side effects. This leaves me with some questions that I know I need to answer at some point, but not ones I really want to think about.
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Murphy is a glutton.

He had his stitches out yesterday and the doctor gave us prednisone for the swelling in his ear. One pill once a day for three days, and then one pill every other day until they're gone.

I've never pilled Murphy. I have always had liquid medication for him, so I was immediately worried when E told me we had pills. Last night, I announced it was time to give Murphy his pill and asked E to help me. E went to get the cat and I went to get the treats.

E took the treats and put the pill on one of the treats, Murphy went after the treat and knocked the pill off, but as soon as he finished the treat, he ate the pill! I was like, whoa, he ate the freaking pill!

So of course, this evening when E announced it was "treat" time, I expected a needing to restrain the cat - nope, he ate the pill again.

Murphy is the easiest cat to pill ever. Thank goodness he's a little glutton. <3


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