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So yesterday was one of my big shopping trips of the year. I rarely go clothing shopping, so this was a big deal. So Jen and I went out to find clothes.

First was the trip to Fashion Bug. I needed new jeans badly, and they have new sizing there. I grabbed a pair of jeans that were supposed to be my size a few other items and went back to the fitting room. Jen and I proceeded to take different rooms and chatter away as we tried on clothing. There was another woman there that started laughing at our comments and began talking with us.

I have to confess, I've been watching What Not to Wear, and it's helped immensely. The clothing I tried on was carefully selected, though some of it just did not work. The jeans did. Finally a pair of pants that are women's that fit in the waist and the hips! And a nice flared jean skirt, that was about 2 sizes smaller than I normally wear. Dresses were a no go, too much clingy fabric and weird styles.

Next was off to ToysRUs, to grab a free pokeman. Jen helped two younger boys, while a young, very gay, sales man chatted with me - he recognized me from the times I had worked in the mall.

After that we chanced Marshall's. I've learned one thing with Marshall's - it's completely hit or miss there. Sometimes they have fantastic stuff and other times homeless people would turn their noses up at the the clothing there. Yesterday was a hit. I was looking for dresses, and I hit the dress rack. I picked out three dresses to try on, while Jen picked two for me to try on. I was really dubious about the dresses she chose and tried the nicer of the two first. Wow, it looked hideous on the hanger, but fantastic on me. I walked out of the dressing room, and Jen and another lady both said it looked good. I tried on the other dress and it was hideous. :P After that only one of the three I tried on looked good, so I grabbed the two I liked and we went off to look at shirts. I found another prize, a light weight women's trench coat, for $19.99. That went with me.

We went back home and while Jen went upstairs to put her dress on, I did a small fashion show for E. He approved of the first dress, the one Jen picked - which is a black halter style dress, with a pleated skirt. Mass cleavage showing was greatly approved of. The other dress is a bit more demure, black with another v-neck.

After that was time spent nomming on corned beef and looking through knitting patterns. I want to make my own shawl to go with the dress, but I'm unsure what colors to do. The one I'm currently working on is pink with shades of gold/tan and purple in it. I also have some green yarn and another bit of green and purple. I've been looking online and have been lusting after Dream of Color and Kauni yarns. Maybe at the beginning of the month I'll grab some, by then the shawl should be complete and I can decide if the color is me or not. If not, I'll try something different and hopefully find a use for or someone that likes the other shawl.


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