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Sometimes I feel like I'm just employed to bow to the whims of my coworkers. Why in the name of hell do you call me at 2 to come in at 3, when you tell me to call you the night before? Why didn't you call me a couple of hours ago, when I could have easily planned out getting to work at 3 rather than my normal 4? Do I want to go in an hour early? Nope. I don't even really want to be there anymore, but I worry about not having a job while looking for a job. We'd be okay if I didn't have a job, because despite me having a job, it really doesn't change much. :(

I want to give my notice. I was planning on giving 3-4 weeks notice, but honestly I'm feeling nervous about it and I don't know what to do. I hate giving notice, because I want to have a job for over a year and I've only had two. One lasted three years and one lasted just a year. Everything has been part time bullshit and I'm sick of it, but I fear leaving.

I wish the store was more organized and people thought more. I wish we had some kind of automation, rather than writing everything out all the time. I wish we had some security devices - not cameras, but little tags or something. Cameras are not going to help me, especially if they are just recording stuff and not showing me anything. I wish there was a static shipping day, rather than whenever our boss feels like it. And I wish they'd just send us our checks rather than playing musical chairs as to what day they give it to us. I also wish they would give their workers raises and do some kind of recognition, rather than just sticking it in our face how much our mall sucks and how low our sales are, when our damned boss doesn't even take the time to come in for his one day a week workday and tries to force his scheduled day on someone else. Not my responsibility.

I also need the time to look for another job, which I have been. Already it's Tuesday and I feel so unaccomplished. I need more time. Bleh.

I need to grab cash, so I can take the bus and get there somewhat close to 3. Too many things I need to do, things I keep forgetting about, because I'm thinking about stupid shit that comes up. I really need to work on prioritizing.


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