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I've noticed that most of the population enjoys being cryptic. Honestly, people being cryptic drives me batshit and I honestly think it would just be easier if the person would just tell me what the hell is actually going on. But that would be the actions of a perfect world. Because of this, I have decided from here on out, when someone posts something cryptic on LJ or Facebook that I'm going to make my own story up based on the very little information that I'm given. I may even ask the person later about the alien abduction of their grandmother or how many years their 3 year old has to do in the detention center for mugging someone with a deadly weapon.

I'm telling you this as a warning. You give me something cryptic, I'm going to run with it. It's not my fault your guinea pig died of Tourette's.
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So I've got my biopsy scheduled for next Friday. Glad to have that ready to be done and over with. My throat is scratchy and uncomfortable at best right now and I'm trying really damned hard not to let that get to me.

Still job searching, putting heart and soul into that. Don't want to do much of anything beyond that, because getting a job is my top priority right now, screw everything else.

I'm not planning on going anywhere until October - when I finally get to see one of my dearest friends after almost five years. She's flying me down to see her, so that's even more awesome. I'm so going to make sure that she and her husband have a date night while I'm there, because they don't really have anyone to watch their kids most of the time.

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King has been announced. At least it's been announced, though I don't expect to see the actual expansion for at least two years. Maybe even holiday 2009, if we're lucky, but I'm just trying to antagonize those of you that are looking forward to it - not that I'm not or anything.

I hate trying to remember to take the pills I don't feel are necessary. Mind you, my anti-depressants are necessary, but not as necessary as my birth control and thyroid meds. Due to me not remembering to take them on time I either end up sleeping like shit or feeling like a zombie of another sort until I get my next dose. I need to be better about this or I'm going to drive myself and E nuts.

Anxiety sucks. Trust me, I know first hand, especially lately. If you've never had an anxiety attack count yourself lucky and buy yourself a piece of cheesecake on me. I'll paypal you the money if need be - just don't buy the whole cheesecake or you may cause me another anxiety attack.

Pony Island has sucked out my soul. Love me pony eugenics. If only I could breed my Warcraft characters. >_>


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