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I find that when I skip a dose of my effexor my dreams hit an all time high level of strange. I can't even begin to explain the two dreams that I had while I slept last, but let me tell you, the level of WTF was extremely high. I know that somehow I was instrumental in the death of at least two Disney characters, whom I had offered to resurrect by buying a new stuffed animal. I had found a portal between two places and somehow in finding it had happened upon a bunch of pirate gold that had made me extremely rich. I had a fledgling owl sidekick - screw the parrot, owls are infinitely more awesome - at least according to my subconscious. My longish hair obviously even bothers me in my dreams, because I was complaining about that. It was way too hot too. E and I were involved in some kind of Friday and Saturday night dance club, which seemed highly intensive on the black lighting and mime make-up to participate.

There was a lot more, and I'm only scratching the surface here with what I just wrote. My poor brain is feeling much like a fruit-filled jello mold right now. And yet, somehow most people will not understand that I enjoy sleeping, because the dreams are just that interesting. Now if only I could harness that power and write short stories with it. At least some sci-fi magazine out there would publish me... I think.
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I am a creature very open to suggestion. The things going on in my everyday life manifest in strange way in my dreams.

Last night I dreamed of WoW and Pokemon - in the same damned universe. Last time a Pokemon game came out it was vampires that were my pokemon, now it's blue haired elves with pokeballs and little creatures that don't belong in Azeroth following them around. Everyday quests have become quite strange. And of course, there is a good amount of strange everyday life thrown in. Herbalism does not mean picking berries!

I think I'm going to go back and reread the Sandman comics so I can have normal strange dreams.


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