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The concert was beyond fantastic.

The opening act was a brazilian geek electronic band. Two guys, one in an argyle sweater vest and the other in a short sleeved button up shirt and tie provided the music, with guitar, keyboard, drums, and two macs. The lead singer was a girl with one of the most painfully retro outfits I've ever seen, with a strong voice. The lyrics didn't make much sense, but the music was awesome. Very geeky.

Tricky... my lord, that man has so much energy, it's frightening. He's tiny, smaller than E in height and mass. He is taller than I am, but much, much skinnier. His voice was everything it's ever promised to be, and the band was tight and fucking amazing. The energy that came off that stage was amazing. I loved every second of it. It may be odd to some that I say it was extremely spiritual, but when you have energy like that, drums like that, it can't help but dig down into your soul and leave a small part of you bared to the universe. That could be just me though. I love drum driven music and many of the songs were just that.

There was a bit of an issue with the sound system as there were times that his voice was hard to hear, because of the tone. His female co-singer could be heard all the time, so it was definitely a mixing thing. But my god, AMAZING. He smoked like a chimney and talked very little. He kept playing with the drums, but the drummer just went with it. Totally awesome.

Philly is so much more chill than Boston is when it comes to concerts. Tricky was actually wandering around in the venue before the concert and I grinned at him like an idiot. I did not accost him.

We left the concert to get to the train, and Hanna had already started pissing down on us. The weather was wonderful after the packed warmth of the concert hall.

All in all, I would totally go to see Tricky again, no questions asked. Was totally amazing and a wonderful experience to have with E. It was our first concert of that sort and meant that much more to me. SQUEE.


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