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I started my changeling game tonight. I wasn't planning on starting my changeling game tonight - so the start was quite honestly pulled right out of my nether regions. I have a redcap, a waterbaby, a troll, and a werecat, in 1930's New England. All right out of my ass. Our waterbaby works at a five and dime owned by a boggan. Our werecat works with a satyr restaurant owner. Our redcap is an aspiring horror novel writer - with an eating obsession. Our troll is football star and sweetheart.

I was trying to figure out how to get them all together - our writer is a lovecraft fan, so seeing how a waterbaby looks sort of strange and he'd just be beginning to see things, well, that worked out. Miss Muffin, the boggan store owner set out odd things for the redcap to eat. This becoming an endless source of amusement for me.

But really, I want to dedicate this post to Taka'human - other otherwise now known as Mr. Hunan, the chinese satyr. He sells hooch, runs an opium room, and otherwise is starting his chinese restaurant. He is such a stereotype it's not even funny and honestly, I love him to pieces. He's got the whole fu-manchu mustache/beard thing going, he has the horrible accent, and he pulled everything together in the most horribly beautiful way. He just adds to the ensuing chaos that is our gaming group and seems to be very good at herding cats.

Speaking of cats, our redcap asked what the deal with our werecat was. Mr Hunan did the crazy circle near his ear, unsure how to explain to a newly changed redcap what a werecat is. Our redcap now refers to our werecat as retarded. 9_9 He's anything but, and Mr. Redcap will learn that in the future, but for now, we're going with the flow.

Ah Mr. Hunan will be spending time frolicking with Miss Muffin above the five and dime, until next our characters next meet. Cause every little old boggan wants to get it on with a little old chinese satyr.


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