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Murphy is home, and seems to be on the road to being his usual loud, lovable self.

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Had two updates on Murphy today. This morning the vet called and told me he was doing well, about to eat, and that he is a very sweet cat. He has a much better temperament than most cats that come in with this condition.

Then I got the second phone call.

Murphy, my sweet tricksy little man, decided that he wanted to pee by himself, so somehow with in his little kennel area, he managed to get off his e-collar and remove his own catheter. And then he used the litter box.

The nurse was laughing when she told me this, and I told her it sounded just like something he would do.

I take this as a good sign. He's so precious to me, I'm so very glad he demanded my attention that day back in 2003. Hopefully my boy will be home tomorrow and I can pamper him some while he goes back to feeling normal.
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After I wrote my last post I sat down to do some research on cats and crystals in their urine. I learned a good deal more than I did when I had it happen to another male cat some years ago. I found a couple of sites with a good description of the different procedures they could/would do to a cat in this condition.

The vet called me later to tell me that Murphy is doing okay and that I should be able to pick him up on Wednesday morning. The short of it is they put a catheter in him and flushed him out. He was blocked up pretty good, but they didn't have to cut him, which is better for both him and I. He'll need the special ph diet regimen for a bit and pills. She said that this might come back, but if we keep on top of it, it probably won't. She told me to get another litter box and try to get as much water into him as possible. Of course he's the cat that won't drink water, which means this is just going to up my tuna consumption (oh the horror).

While I know these things happen, of course I find the site that gives me the worst case scenario. No one wants to think about their cat's kidneys being damaged or failing. And the fact that almost every site I went to said that Murphy was at the extreme emergency point didn't really help.

I'm glad that when these things come up I don't even think about freaking out. I just check the bank account and call the vet to make an appointment, thinking, there will be time to freak out later. Which I nearly did in the vets while waiting for the newer, bigger estimate after the x-ray.

I also have to say once again, I am so thankful for my great-aunt and Mother saving the day. I'm sure that were other ways that we could do it, but to have them agree so quickly and get the ball moving so fast made my life that much easier. I will pay back every penny they are letting me borrow (not sure of the exact amount, but I know that they are sending enough that if something else should happen it can be covered).

Also, as an after thought, they actually now make you initial whether or not to resuscitate your animal. I was a touched surprised at that. I mean, I'm used to discussing such things with humans, but never thought about it on an animal. I think honestly it would depend on the situation whether or not I would resuscitate. It's really an interesting question to think about. How much of an issue would it be resuscitate animal, in comparison to a human? I wonder if it would be worth the money/side effects. This leaves me with some questions that I know I need to answer at some point, but not ones I really want to think about.
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Monday, could you have started any more chaotically?

We got up this morning to find a very unhappy cat. Murphy was running around the house, squatting, licking, yowling. Alarm bells rang in my head and I immediately asked E if he could work from home. He said no. I said, well, I'm calling the vet anyway. He sent out an email saying he'd be late. I called the vet and in we went.

So Murphy got the whole feel up, complete with thermometer up the rear. Temp was okay, but bladder was a hard little ball. Vet immediately told us what I expected and then said that she'd like to do a x-ray to be sure there weren't any crystals/stones in his bladder. Asked us for 20 or 30 minutes to figure that out.

So outside we went and then back in to wait. There was a very loud little old man doggie there who just wanted to talk a lot. After him a beautiful rottie came in with her inflamed joint. She looked so sweet and her owner said that she's just a big teddy bear. A mini collie came in next and we talked to all the owners while we waited for news on Murphy.

He's got crystals and super cloudy urine. They're keeping him until Wednesday at the earliest. Don't really want to talk about the costs. Thankfully we don't pay those until we get him back.

I feel bad for Murphy, but I'd rather have this done and over with. Means we will probably be changing his diet and I'll have to figure out how to get more water into him.

I really just want to hide right now. Thankfully my family is being supportive - we've had cats my entire life and when a kitty gets sick, it is serious business. Bless them for understanding and caring. My own arm could fall off, but if it's a cat, then they'll move mountains for it.
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I have no bloody clue what I did to my left thumb (spinning maybe?), but it hurts like the dickens. But the post isn't about my thumb, it's about the creativity my thumb pain caused.

It was hurting yesterday and I ignored it thinking it would go away, little did I know it had other plans. Having to go out today anyway, I checked out Rite Aid to see if they had anything that might help immobilize it for at least a little while. What they had cost $17.99 and I couldn't justify spending nearly $20 on something I'd only use once.

I came back home and iced it for a bit. That helped. Then I had to go get medication at Target (why Target, 'cause it's cheaper than Rite Aid). Every little blasted thing was bothering my left hand, so I checked their first aid section - zilch.

I came home and groaned about it some more. Then I decided it was time to take things into my own hands. I built a splint-y type thing out of masking tape and wrapped my hand up. Much better, 'cept the masking tape was biting into my hand. What to do - oooh, I has little cotton make-up remover things. I cushion the homemade splint and proceed to find a real ace bandage and wrap up my hand. $20 saved. And I can still type, because I'm a right handed space bar user. :D
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This weekend was fun. It started out early Friday morning with me in the driver's seat as we made our way down to DC. E had a call for work and it was easier for me to drive and let him talk undisturbed. I drove through PA almost to MD, when we stopped for gas and changed seats. The rest of the trip to DC was uneventful (well, except for E's call on the brief stretch of 695, but that's not part of this story).

We went to a place called Chicken Out for lunch. While the food tasted good, my stomach wasn't too fond of it, so I won't be having a repeat of that exact meal again. My allergies were on high, so tried to nap, just to have E come up and talk to me. Finally I gave up on the nap, got back up and went downstairs to talk to the people on the 'net.

Josh came home a bit later and we decided on pizza for dinner and had a generally nice night of sitting around, talking, being on the 'net, and so on. Josh and I also went to Border's while E decompressed from another week of nuts. Jen showed up around 10:30 and we watched an episode of Fringe at Josh - who spent a lot of time being dismayed at Walter's antics. We had to explain that Walter is not just a scientist, but he works with SCIENCE! and that's part of what makes the show for us. I also mentioned to Josh that part of the story line is that Walter spent 17 years in a mental hospital, which would definitely add to his quirks.

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Wow, talk about emotional times for me.

The past week had been a roller coaster and a half. E went for a business trip to the California office of his company. His boss had been making move to California noises before, but they definitely got louder and more insistent (with potentially awesome offers). So a move may be in our future.

That of course had me beside myself and sideways. Not so worried about it now, but the first day I went through all the stages of grief and then some. I tend to jump six steps ahead whenever I'm anxious, so I had us on our way out there and trying to figure out the logistics of taking the cats out there.

While things are still up in the air, it's looking more toward WHEN and not IF, but the future is still uncertain.

There's been drama abound with one of E's coworkers and another person that I had considered a friend. Coworker finally quit (thank the powers that be) and the friend - well, I don't know what is happening with her. It's not like I see her very often or even talk to her - it was just an unneeded situation that has left me feeling very uncomfortable and questioning the friendship (don't like to make calls for other people and I was once again put on the spot to be responsible for something that had little to do with me). But both of those are pretty much done, though not exactly in the nicest ways possible.

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is this weekend. Got some money put aside for that and hoping to find a drop spindle and some nice yarn to play with. Feeling a touch nervous, though I shouldn't be. It's like going to the county fair, but a million times better. Plenty of lamb to be eaten, fiber to touch, and friends to talk to. Still haven't impressed upon Jen exactly how awesome this is - but she'll see soon enough.

Working on a shawl - with yarn that I got from last years' festival. The yarn is called "black olive" and I picked a pattern (bitterroot) that has proven to be nice and simple. Almost done - less than 16 rows to go, and I've been motoring through the last chart. Need to finish a pair of socks too, soon.

I wish the weather wasn't going to be so hot this weekend - with my recent sensitivity to the sun, I really need to wear long sleeves and a hat while outdoors and I hate the idea of feeling like I'm in a sauna (why does Cali have to be so tempting in that respect - dry heat is love).

The next few weeks will be figuring out potential finances for possible move, going to E's sister's graduation, seeing if I can get up to MA to see my family, procuring a tent, and trying to keep my head from exploding. Extra drama is totally unneeded, so if something comes up and I seem terse, understand, I'm trying to keep myself sane and I might not be the nosey, overbearing, empathic goof that I normally am. I'm open to advice on moving info and shoulders that I can bang my head on as I'm going, "why the hell am I doing this again?"
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"I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors, but I think that God's got a sick sense of humor."

God, the Universe, the powers that be seem to be having a good laugh right now. The whole if life gives you lemons, then make lemonade? I'd be drowning in the lemonade.

Yes, I'm being cryptic, but I promise to share more as I get more information. Potentially large decisions on the horizon.

Going to screen comments, so feel free to drop me a line.
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You would think that after all this time I would learn not to stick my nose in a trap, but here I am with a proverbial wounded nose and a headache for my time.

when will I ever learn )
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A couple of weeks ago when I picked up the "Patron" yarn, I also picked up two circular needles to try knitting socks on.

I have been a huge fan of dpn's* since I've started knitting and was very resistant to trying other knitting in the round techniques. Doing magic loop** (having a circular needle - two points with a large cable running in between) was okay - a bit troublesome at first and I've used it only to do hats and other larger projects.

But deciding to try knitting on two smaller circulars has become my new favorite method. I like it much better for socks, I don't have to worry about poking my own eye out with one of the numerous double-pointed ends - this makes me really glad that I do wear glasses, and I'm quite certain I would have done some damage to my eyes at some point.***Two small circulars means that I can put place markers on them and not have to worry about them getting flung into infinity or the black hole that resides in the couch.

So socks are being worked on. Turned the heel and am working on the home stretch of the rest of the foot - should be cake.

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So I'm trying again. I've attempted numerous patterns lately, trying to start another pair of socks, but to no avail. I keep screwing things up and frogging the entire bloody thing.

This time I got past the cuff - which I finally got a stretchy enough cast on that I think that it will actually fit my leg. I put a life-line in, I don't want to rip the whole thing out again. After each pattern repeat, I'll be replacing my life-line, in hopes that I can get through the entirety of the blasted thing.

In case anyone is wondering, I'm using this pattern - Slippery. The crazy kroy sock yarn (Patons, not Patron) needs something that either stands out - like this or just a simple old pattern, because the gradient striping is just too much for a delicate pattern. Now if only I could pay attention to where the hell I am in the pattern and not screw up my actual stitches.

I made a fuzzy nook-case. The right size for any ebook reader. I need to make a secondary one that I actually write out the pattern and then I can share it. That was easy - bulky yarn, size 10 needles, fast, quick, and dirty. Didn't rip that out.

So back to the socks. I will win. I will get rainbow hued cable socks dammit. I just hope I don't throw the yarn out the window or sacrifice it to the cat before I get them.
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I've complained over the past few years about how we never get any snow. I am NOT complaining this year.

2003 was the last time we saw good snow. 2004/2005 there was some snow. This year took the cake and ran with it. Please - no more snow until the last storm's bounty has melted - completely.

So when they said it was supposed to snow tomorrow and said that it would be only 4 inches, suddenly we're given a winter storm warning and told now it might be 12-16 inches. WTF?! I wanted to go to Baltimore and eat Afghani food, but who knows what the hell is going on now.

I remember in the past I used to look at the forecast and think, I'll believe it when I see it,now it's turned to me seeing a forecast for snow showers and expecting a blizzard.

I'm ready for spring, really. I could use some flowers and warm days. Right now we're phasing between snow and mud. PA will have five seasons this year, winter, mud, spring, summer, and fall.

I did not get french toast fixings for tomorrow. I got roasted garlic bread just to go against convention.

Dear Ma Nature, please, stop listening to El Niño. He's a whiney brat and keeps screwing the weather up.
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I just got more sock yarn... These will actually become socks, not something else. Beside picking skeins up of different dye lots, and when realizing it, brought them back to get two more skeins of the matching dye lot, because I really want rainbow-y feet and didn't feel like dealing with trying to do the return.

So I come home and decide to add them to my stash on Ravelry. The only issue is, Ravelry is telling me that this yarn doesn't exist. I'm like, WTF? This is a brand they have at every chain store that has yarn. I mean, Patons? That's not on Ravelry. So I go back to see what I was messing up in my information.

Patrón does not sell sock yarn, but I do like their tequila.


Feb. 7th, 2010 02:08 pm
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I have a love/hate relationship with them.

I love getting weird socks. The tackier the better. I've got them with penguins, snowmen, black cats, foxes, spiderwebs, reindeer, ducks, bunnies, cows, and other odd things. I love picking up holiday socks and try to as often as possible.

This being said, you'd think that I'd like knitting socks more. For some reason, I'm picky when it comes to knitting socks.

I've learned that I really don't like toe-up knitting and it causes me to throw the project aside. I had one that was almost to the heel and then decided to start the other one. I don't mind casting on the toe up socks, it's doing the blasted heel that I honestly dislike. I don't mind doing the heel when it's top down, even though I inevitable screw it up each time. There are never the amount of stitches to pick up that the pattern claims there should be. I'm doing something wrong.

But when I find a pattern I like, it makes it worth it. I've only made one complete pair of socks and I'm starting my second pair now. I've got most of the leg down and am working my way down to turn the heel and then attach the gussets. It seems like a strange language that I'm speaking here, because even a year ago I would have been confused and asked what the hell is a "gusset"? I don't even know how to explain it to the non-knitter, other than it's how you attach the heel to the rest of the sock.

More knitting talk and thoughts on my mother )


Feb. 6th, 2010 02:06 pm
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So December was a bit snow storm - but according to what I read, we got about 7 inches that time. It was hard to tell, because there was a lot of wind and it blew all over the place.

So Thursday they said we'd get between 8-12 inches this weekend, then Friday they moved it up to 8-18 inches, this morning they said we could get around 2 feet, and that was when there was about 16 inches already on the ground.

The snow took its sweet time starting last night. It began as lazy flurries, and then the next time I looked out, there was 2+ inches on the ground.

If it had waited on week, it would have been exactly 7 years since the Valentines Day Blizzard that got us caught in Crystal City, VA for Katsucon. What a weekend that was. I got my first Long Island Ice Tea that weekend. I was still sick from the mysterious illness that I never really told anyone about. And then we caravanned back home and had around 11 people stay with us in our old two-bedroom apartment. That was back when Clemens was still open and just across the street. I met a lot of people that ended up becoming important in my life that weekend, and met others that I really wish I saw more often. It was a good, but strange weekend.

So this weekend I'm sitting in the house, watching the cats lay on the heater, and knitting a pair of socks, and probably knitting other stuff. I'll probably pull out the nook soon and go hide in the other room under a couple of fleece blankets and let myself drift off into a world of vampires and mages for a bit. And there shall be roast beast in the oven - both for food and the added warmth that our crazy oven adds to the house. I should keep a turkey breast on hand for snow storms - because those damned things make the whole downstairs feel like an oven.
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- Had a taste of tripe tonight. It's odd, very chewy. Not used to the flavor, it didn't seem to have much, but I'd be willing to try it again.

- Back on effexor. The not giving a damn about the small stuff has taken effect again. The small things were really driving me nuts, now I can breathe. If only I could fucking sleep at night, it would be great.

- I'm off Yaz, back on a normal birth control. That and the effexor have fuckzored me right up. Well that and the lack of sleep, I've been a down right space cadet.

- I hate vertigo, but it really seems to like me.

- Been knitting. Did two cowls in the past week, knitted my first hat before that, made E a pair of arm warmers. I'm proud of myself, because the hat, and both cowls came out of my stash. One cowl and the hat match. Wish I had more for a pair of mittens or hand warmers.

- Sleep? Please?

- I want more snow. I feel like the storm a few weeks ago was just a tease.

- We has a new car. It's german and sexy. It is an Audi and has leather butts. I really like it.

- I'm finally going to get to be a bridesmaid! You have no freaking clue how bloody excited I am. It's like I won the lottery finally. To the rest of humanity, it might be a small thing, but to me it's amazing, wonderful, and awesome. Now how do I lose 15 pounds? I'll give to someone else if they want it! Thankfully I have over a year to figure it out.

- I should write more, I really, really should. I don't update often enough and I think at least a few people would be interested to know what's going on - maybe?

- My aunt has to go into Boston to see a special dermatologist for the skin cancer on her face. The one she was seeing said it would be better to go to someone else, because he feels he can't do enough for her. She's going to be 85 next month and is a multi-time cancer survivor. She was one of those people that got super brown back in the day and now she's paying for it. Her older brother had it too, and his was back in the day where they just burned it off - no skin grafting, or maybe he just had a shitty doctor. I'm glad her doctor wants her to go to Boston, because that means he wants her to get good care. She has the best doctors of anyone in the family up in MA, just wish my dad could find doctors like that. Doctors leave when my dad shows up.

- It's been cold, then it gets up to almost 50, but honestly, I haven't noticed the warmth, I'm just cold.

- Dry skin sucks.

- E is awesome and puts up with me. I'm really lucky, because I know that when I'm not medicated right or what not, I'm a pain in the ass, but the past week with all the vertigo and spacyness he's been super awesome. <3

- I'm done, feeling like I'm falling asleep, though with my luck I'll go upstairs and wake up. Why Cthulhu, why? You can run amok in my dreams tonight if I sleep long enough to have them.
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Dad is home. Talked to him today, and despite having a sore throat - and a sore everything else, he's doing okay. Visiting nurse will be there tomorrow, not sure how long that will last, but I for one won't complain about him having a medical professional checking in on him each day. He's tired and just wanted to sit down with the cat for a bit and relax, which sounded perfect to me.

Thanks again for the prayers and well wishes. The universe heard and decided to keep him around and kicking a bit longer.
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Dad had a triple bypass, he's in recovery. He'll be in the hospital for 4 or 5 days and then out of work for 4 or 5 weeks.

I'm glad he made it out. I'm so glad. One hurdle done, now just waiting for him to get better. I come from tough stock.
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So a couple months ago, my dad finally went to the doctor for some pain he's been having - turns out his gallbladder needed to come out. My dad isn't in the best of health (doesn't take his medicine either) so they had to put him through a stress test before they could even think about doing the surgery. So he goes through the stress test and they tell him he has to go through a(nother) angeoplasty. That was scheduled for 9 o'clock this morning.

My mom and my aunt told me they would have the cell phone and call me if they needed to. They called at 2 this afternoon to tell me that he'd be having open heart surgery ASAP. He has two major blockages that need to be taken care - all this because his gallbladder decided it had had enough.

I won't lie, I'm worried. He's not in the best of health, has diabetes and hypo-thyroid disease. He doesn't take his medication for either of them properly - if at all. So his body isn't in the best of shape. On the other hand, technology is amazing, science has come a long way, so this could be a lot better than twenty years ago.

Some of you saw my request for thoughts and prayers for him on Facebook, so now those of you that are in both places know the full story and those that aren't, well, now you know too. Thanks for understanding and the well wishes. They help so much. I have some very awesome friends that make times like this a lot easier.


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