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Everything started Thursday, when we went to go to Sue's house and the car wouldn't start. We got a jump from our downstairs neighbor and went to hang out. Lisa made awesome shepherd's pie and we hung out and had a lot of fun. Car thankfully started and we made our way home.

Friday, E went to go to work, and the car wouldn't start again. Downstairs neighbor wasn't home, so he decided to work from home, until he could get another jump and then drive down to an autoparts store and buy a new battery. Jump was gotten, then we went to the store and proceeded to have fun getting the battery, getting the old one out, the new one in, and putting the second CA plate on the car. After that we went to In N Out burger, and went home. A couple hours later we made our way to the dojo.

We got to the dojo too early and E took part in the jiu jitsu class. The sensei is a tough old man, and decided to see what E was made of. Around seven the class, minus myself watching and E, went for their prayers. It was the first time I had heard a Muslim prayer and I was pleased to be able to listen.

The rest of the evening was E taking part in classes and me watching and finally coming home.

Saturday was more classes - aikido and sword. Then we went to the local mall and walked around and around and finally settled to eat at PF Changs.

Sunday we went to pick up Mikey and hang out. This was full of awesome, because we talked for a long time, briefly saw Candy, Ryan, and Val, and then went to the Cladaugh for beer and some "snacks". On the way to taking Mikey home we stopped at Walmart so I could get my pokemans and then ended up hanging out at Mikey's place. E geeked at Mikey for a bit about martial arts and then Mikey told him that he couldn't just talk about it. Poor Mikey, he had no idea what he was asking out of E. He wanted to spar and he got more than he bargained for. It was a lot like watching an older cat with a new puppy. Puppy wanted to play a lot and Kitty just decided to let him and be patient. I don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time.

So we had two days of dojo and two days of hanging out and lots of fun. I ended up going to bed feeling weird last night, I think it was me not wanting to go to bed and miss out on more awesome.

I have to say, I adore the people at the dojo. The sensei is more than happy to answer questions and some of the other students are chatty and friendly. I really enjoy watching and interacting with the people there, we'll see where it goes. It also helps E a lot, because I see the stress just kind of disappear while he's there. The Muslim sensei worked him hard, while Sensei Mike tends to be a little more mindful of technique and the give and take relationship of sparring. It's been a learning experience for all that we've only gone three times. It's made me start looking at things differently and I'm enjoying that.

There's a few people that I really wish I could do something for right now, but I'm kind of just stepping back and watching for the moment. I know there are problems in certain lives that I don't know if I should step forward and say something. It's also hard to know in text whether someone is just bitching or if maybe there is a true complaint and they really need help. I figure that if someone really needs me, they'll reach out and tell me. I have to trust that the people that I care about know it and that I don't want to stick my nose where it doesn't belong, 'cause it has very nearly been a casualty in the past couple of weeks and I'm feeling rather unsure of myself at the moment. So if I don't comment on something, it's not because I don't care, but because I don't want to bother anyone.
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