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Or what I'm calling the current state of things.

On Aug. 19th I'll be making my way out to California for a visit - and potential apartment hunting. E will be out there for a couple days before that and I'll be joining him for the weekend. I'm hoping that by the time we're on the flight back we'll have a better idea whether we'll be moving to California this fall.

I'm excited, terrified, and nervous. I'm really glad that I'm able to go out to visit before the final decision is made - it would have been really strange to move to a place that I had only been once - 6 years ago. I know the weather is nice, and E tells me the area is beautiful. We'll have friends nearby and be closer to the ocean than we currently are. California actually has some lakes that you can actually swim in, which PA really doesn't have. It will take time to get used to earthquakes, the lack of thunderstorms, and I'm sure other things, but in the long run, it would be a most excellent adventure.

I'm refusing to get nervous about moving until we really know that it is happening - hence why it is possible impending DOOM. We'll see how things go and hope for the best.

I've been super lucky to have a couple of super supportive friends that are making the hamster wheel of stress a little less stressful and a bit more fun.

I'm going to screen comments, so people can comment freely. <3


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