Feb. 23rd, 2011

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So the past week has been spectacular on the craptastic. That being said, I want to focus on the awesome.

Sunday was Stitches West. Went with Sue and had a blast. There was a ton of yarn and proto-yarn fondling. Sue got away with a fantastic stash, while I kept my booty at four skeins, one of which yelled at me to take it home at the beginning of the event, and left with me at the end (oh lord, you strange teal/black skein of kitten yarn).

I should also add that there was some fantastic food involved that day (starting a day with mimosas is always good), and then excellent hang out.

We got a new dishwasher this week. Our maintenance guy is awesome. Very willing to answer questions, even while working. He's very thorough and pretty damned prompt. He's the type that will give you an estimated time and if he can't make it or doesn't have a specific part, he'll call and let you know the new estimated time. I'm impressed, but then again, the maintenance for this place should be spectacular for the price of rent (no, you really don't want to know).

This weekend looks rather busy, starting tomorrow night - when our friend Tony comes into the area for an interview, then Friday is the DMV (this time I'm bringing a book, knitting, and a picnic basket, because I have never in all my days seen a DMV so filled with people). Saturday morning we're going to the North Bay to check out the dojo that one of E's co-workers studies at. I think the rest of the weekend is free, but Saturday is going to be an early morning (into early afternoon), so that day might be shot a bit. Sunday is open at the moment, but it might be a flop and stare into space day.

Just getting one gripe out - Jesus, why did you give me crazy hormones? I feel like a walking ball of grump right now and I feel as though the people around me should have force fields or some shit to keep the emo off them. I hope this goes away a bit before tomorrow, or I just may be a major downer.


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