Sep. 15th, 2010

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  • Find a new apartment
  • Throw out stuff we don't need (donate or actually throw out).
  • Figure out the best way to get the cats to our destination.
  • See my family and whatever friends I can in a weekends time (oh best of luck to me, but hell, I'll be back up MA way again, it's not like CA is Mars!).
  • Get a one way ticket to CA (lolwhat, never expected to say that).
  • Get all my doctor stuff on this coast taken care of.
  • Figure out some kind of get together for the people I care about here (hoping that at least two people can be civil).
  • Clean up this apartment completely.
  • Clean and go through old clothes - donate, resurrect, and/or fold.

    Yup, a month. It seems like a lot of time and not enough all at once. So many thoughts on the future of what I'd like to do and so on.

    March 2012 is come back to PA for Jen's wedding.

    Potential future plans for FF considering that is close to where my family lives, so making a pilgrimage to CT and then jaunting up to MA isn't so bad. Need to get my butt down to FL again.

    Other than that, start helping other people plan trips to the left coast to hang out. And get used to the chill atmosphere of the East Bay area. This is going to be a grand adventure. Right now I'm focusing on being excited, not scared. :D


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