Aug. 25th, 2010

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One of my favorite baby sitting charges passed away last night after an almost 4 year battle with thyroid/lung cancer. Her body just finally gave out. I'm glad she's beyond the pain now, 'cause I wouldn't wish that on any 16 year old.

She was an amazing person, a fighter, cared so much for her family and friends, which is why I think the battle lasted four years. She touched a lot of lives - many over the internet with the Harry Potter Alliance and NerdFighters. She had an infectious smile and a lot of love. She left an awesome family behind for the rest of us to care for.

I think of the firefly in the Princess and the Frog, that we have another star in the sky watching over us. I'll never forget her, even though my memories of her are more from when she was a toddler than anything else. I'm so grateful that her parents decided to do a caringbridge journal for her and we were able to stay up to date and send messages to the entire family.

It makes me sad to know she's gone. I wish her family strength and have sent them my love. I don't know if I'll be able to go to the funeral, as it is Sunday, and about 5 hours away. I'd really like to attempt to go.

It makes me realize that I want to work harder to be a more positive person, to be more awesome, to not be rude or intolerant, but to try to share the love and joy that I produce and that has been shared freely with me. I want to pass those feelings forward, not only to people I know, but to the people out there I don't know. I know that negativity is rarely productive and just forces misery outward, so in Esther's honor, I'll try to be more positive and to help others when I can in that sense.

Remember, if a sixteen year old girl ravaged with cancer could still feel love and joy, and share them freely, do you really have an excuse to be angry and bitter?

Rest in Awesome, Esther. You will not be forgotten! <3


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